Flyer - 4th Spree-Marathon 2023

Dear friends of water sports! 
On 21 and 22 October 2023 the starting signal will be given for the 4th Spree Marathon in Cottbus!
On two race days, the participants will fight for victory and cover more than 51 km with various riverbed swells and portages. SUP athletes will also have the opportunity to take part in this exciting competition and gain eventful experience on the Spree. 
On the day of the first stage, a shuttle will take the athletes to the start of the Spree Marathon. This is located at the dam near Spremberg. The start will be Le Mans style on the bathing beach of the reservoir. This means that the boats/SUPs will be positioned at the waterline by the participants before the start, and the athletes will move behind the starting line. After the start, the paddlers run to their boats/SUPs and complete an approx. 7 km triangular course on the Spremberg dam before reaching the first portage around the dam wall of the dam. On the following 15 km on the Spree, further portages and riverbed swells have to be overcome until the stage finish of the first day is reached after a total of 22 km. The finish is in the Lausitz metropolis of Cottbus at the boathouse of the canoe club ESV Lok Raw Cottbus. A warm meal will await the participants there. The club grounds offer enough space for overnight stays in a camper van or tent.

The second day of the Spree Marathon begins. On the club grounds of ESV Lok Raw Cottbus, the athletes will be sent out on the course. For the start of the second stage, the water athletes first have to decide whether they want to paddle the first 250 metres to the first portage in a boat or walk on land. In the further course of the route, the athletes can expect further riverbed swells, boat slides and portages. The finish line is after 29 km in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve at the Leineweber boathouse in Burg/Spreewald. After the award ceremony with typical Lusatian gherkins, we will return to the boathouse in Cottbus.

All further information can be found on our homepage, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The registration portal is open!

We look forward to seeing you!