Day 1


  • Mass start in Le Mans-Style at Spremberg Dam
  • Beach Klein Döbbern (approximately 50 m run to the water)
  • boats/sups located at the waterline
  • depending on number of entered boats/sups the start of K2/C2, K1/C1 and SUPs will be together or seperated


0-7 km triangular course on the reservoir Spremberg
7 km Portage dam wall ca. 750 m
8,3 km fish pass
10,2 km Portage weir Neuhausen ca. 100 m
10,4 km fish pass (go left)
11,4 km fish pass
12,1 km fish pass
12,7 km fish pass
13,6 km fish pass
14,8 km Portage weir Frauendorf ca. 75 m
15,4 km fish pass
16,8 km Portage Madlower (Highway) weir ca. 100 m
17,3 km fish pass
19,5 km Portage Kiekebuscher weir ca. 100 m
22 km finish ESV Lok RAW Cottbus e.V.


  • ESV Lok RAW Cottbus e.V., Lindenplatz 20, 03042 Cottbus
  • end of official timing: 16 o'clock