By paying the entry fee, the competitor accepts the following rules:

Competition rules:

  • boats/sups with more then 60 minutes behind the leader in each boat class on day 1 will start in time intervals of 30 seconds 60 minutes after the first start of day 2. The organizers reserve the right to adjust the time intervals.
  • It is forbidden to paddle on closed streams.
  • The deliberate damage to the natural environment leads to disqualification.
  • When overtaking, you must avoid a collision or obstructing the path of the boat / sup being overtaken
  • Life jackets are compulsory.
  • Boats must contain sufficient buoyancy.
  • Competitors must complete the race in the same boat/ on the same SUP.
  • Portages are compulsory.
  • Competitors in the canoe  and SUP class are allowed to only use paddles with one blade.
  • Unsporting behaviour and/or violation of these rules leads to disqualification.
  • Protest time is 30 minutes after end official time keeping each day. A protest fee of 50€ will be charged, which is repaid for successfull protests.

Instruction and data protection

  • Competitors younger then 18 years of age need a declaration of consent of a legal guardian
  • The participation in the Spree-Marathon is at your own risk.
  • Every competitor is self-responsible to behave according to the water and shipping regulations and to the nature protection legislation.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage on the property of the competitor.
  • For any damage the perpetrator is liable, for adolescents under 18, the responsible parent or guardian is liable.
  • The organizer is allowed to disqualify any competitor for grossly negligent act to the property of the organizers or associated parties.
  • Foreign competitors need to have a health insurance valid for Germany. The organizer will not pay for any medical treatment.
  • In case of cancellation of the Spree-marathon before the start on the first day, the organizers reserves the right to refund the entry fee in whole or in part. Any other expenses of the competitor will not be refunded. The organizers will not refund the entry fee in any other case.
  • The competitor gives the right to the organizers to use following personal data and pictures:
    • personal data as surname, forename, address, year of birth, e-mail address on the PC of the organizer
    • surname, forename and year of birth in start and result lists which will be published to public media (, social media, print and broadcast media) and locally on the venue.
    • Pictures and videos on which the participant is unequivocally identifiable to publish on the website ( and other public media (see above) without compensation.