The Spree Marathon will be held over 2 days on the dam Spremberg and the Spree over 51 km. There are a total of 10 portages for the competitors to master, with the first one around the dam of the reservoir Spremberg with a  length of about 750 m. In the further course of the Spree several fish passes and boat slides are to be paddled.

The first day starts in the Le Mans style on the beach Klein Döbbern. Boats / SUPs are positioned by the participants before the start on the waterline and the competitors go behind the starting line, which is about 50 m above the waterline. After the start the paddlers run to their boats and SUPs and complete a 7 km long triangular course on the reservoir Spremberg before they reach the first portage around the dam's wall. On the following 15 km on the Spree there are still 4 short portages and some fish passes to overcome until the paddlers finish the day at the ESV Lok RAW Cottbus e.V. after a total of about 22 km.

For the start on the second day, the competitors have to decide beforehand whether they would like to paddle the first 250 m to the first portage around the small Spree weir in the boat or to cover the distance on foot. The starting line allows you to start on the water or on land. In the further course there are again some fish passes and boat slides as well as after the first portage still further four portages. The finish is after 29 km at the boathouse Leineweber in Burg / Spreewald.